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Weight loss Goals

I hope that you will benefit from some of the WEIGHTLOSS programs I have supplied on this site to reach your weight loss goals .  Whether your weight gain is due to emotional eating, thyroid problems or just eating significant amounts of food this site will help you.  I tell you the TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS. 

Read the information below carefully as it makes sense and a bell may go off in your head about your weight loss problems.  No more YO-YO dieting or short lived weight loss results.  You will be armed with all of the weight loss information to easily reach your weight goals in a natural and satisfying manner.

About Weight Loss Goals Diets


Every diet has two contracts that you must make with yourself.

  1. to lose weight
  2. to stabilize and maintain your weight

For most people the reasons for losing weight is not always a good thing.  Weight loss is a lifestyle change and you should stick to it!!

Some of the reasons people want to lose weight because Weight Loss Diets goals

  • they are getting married –
  • have to fit into the wedding dress they chose because it is a Vera Wang!
  • are going on a vacation to a romantic place or just a vacation with their friends and want to look good in their swimwear.

Well, once their emergency to loose weight is over and the pounds have melted off, they will usually turn to other priorities and their previous bad eating habits.

You must remember that a diet is not an injection against your weight problems!!  Poor eating habits result in weight gain as everyone invariably knows.  Having said this, proper eating habits do not necessarily mean you will loose weight either.

Every time you decide to lose weight it is pumped into you that you must eat less, eat clean or you must exercise.  Well, which one of the above do you think is the correct solution to your weight loss?  Answer:  NEITHER.

Exercise is the best way to stabilize your weight, however, if you want to loose a pound of fat, you will have to run the equivalent of a marathon!

Eating less is all about the quantity of food you ingest.  You will not loose weight if you eat more will you?  This is obvious.  There is more to weight loss than just quantity.  Most weight loss problems are compounded by your metabolism and your hormonal and genetic make-up.  Although there are a number of other problems these are the most comprehensive.  Also STRESS adds difficulty in losing weight.

It would seem that the trend today is based on eating well – by well we mean a more balanced diet.  Is this fact really true.  I would say NO because balance is when things are stable.  If you go on a balanced diet, you will eat well and you will not gain any weight, however you will not lose any weight either.

In order to lose something, you will have to eliminate something.

Well, eliminating is not balance; it is deliberate imbalance.

What must be eliminated to lose weight .

In order to loose weight you must eliminate sugars and fats.  Apparently there are slow sugars and fast sugars.  Which sugar should you eliminate.  BOTH!!

If you want to lose weight you must eliminate foods that cause weight gain in the first place.  By eliminating these you will no longer gain weight.

However, the absence of weight gain is not the equivalent of losing weight.  Your body burns sugars before it burns fat.  If your body burned fats before sugars you would already be loosing weight.

For the body, fast and slow sugars are its current account, while fat is its savings account.  Make sense?  Losing weight means living off of your savings.  Therefore, it is not about eating less, eating well or exercising.

If you eliminate fats and sugars, your body will use up its fat storage and muscle.  So, when you put some weight back on, you will generally regain your fat but not your muscle.  This is a problem.

You need to eat PROTEIN to prevent muscle loss.

I recommend  a protein diet.  I am saying her PROTEIN diet, NOT a hyperprotein diet.  Because hyper means too much.  This can lead to high blood pressure and  high cholesterol.  Your Protein intake has to be just enough and NO more.

Guilty pleasures are the first notion that you would reintroduce into your diet after you have lost your weight.  You cannot stabilize your weight with just ” three green beans and a head of lettuce.”  You will be eating normally and a little of everything.  You will learn how not to deviate from this.

lean belly breakthrough

WHEN YOU BRING UP THE PROTEIN DIET, THERE ARE ALWAYS LOTS OF FALSE DEBATES.  But, remember the protein diet is not a dangerous weight loss program for the simple reason that protein is not an active ingredient.  Taking protein is not the same thing as taking medication.  Protein is simply put, a dietary supplement.

I have tried low carb diets – vegan diets – meatless diets, well I have tried so many diets they are too numerous to mention.  I have found that the protein diet is the best by far.    Chanh Tran Tien

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weight loss exercice

No Weight Loss regimen or healthy lifestyle would be complete without the addition of exercise.  To complete the picture of health, exercise is an equally important insurance policy that has enormous benefits to your weight loss regimen.  Similar to eating thermogenic foods that boost metabolism and drinking plenty of water, exercise is a fundamental component that helps you flex that metabolic engine and shed excess weight for optimal weight loss. Did you realize that it would take 250,000 crunches to burn 1 (one) pound of FAT?  Do not waste your time doing crunches – there is something I have for you that is for your total body and it burns fat very fast.  You have to work hard though.  If you e-mail me at I will send you an exercise program for beginners and intermediates that works very well for your TOTAL BODY.

Here are a few things that you can do to get rid of those extra pounds :

  1. Jumping rope – get your metabolism revved up.  There is a reason boxers use this exercise.
  2. Kettle balls – nothing will get your heart racing like high repetition KB swings.
  3. Rowing Machine – my personal trainer was really into this machine.  It really gives you a workout and get your metabolism going.
  4. Body weight training – this is what I do three times a week to keep me toned and in good shape.  Squats, push-ups, lunges, planks and the list goes on and on.
  5. Great mind-body connection and a much more metabolic type of training than treadmills and elliptical.  Personally I have never used the treadmill or elliptical machine.  I find they hurt my back and are very boring!!


  • Sprinkle Cinnamon on your food or in your protein shake
  • Drink ICE WATER with some fresh lemon added to it
  • Take your shower with COLD water once in a while
  • Drinks lots of Green Tea
  • Drink a protein shake after your exercise regimen
  • Eat lots of green vegetables – no dressing on your salad

Cinnamon for Weight Loss – THE TRUTH

Research has shown cinnamon to have numerous health benefits including being an anti-inflammatory, helping to balance blood sugar naturally for type II diabetes and having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  In addition, cinnamon is a wonderful addition to dishes and desserts and can help to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Ginger for Weight Loss – THE TRUTH

For Thousands of years, ginger has been used to treat a number of

Ginger essential oil
Ginger essential oil

ailments such as bloating, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea and rheumatism.  The active ingredient in ginger is ginerol, a compound that is thought to relax blood vessels, stimulate blood flow and relieve pain.  Ginger can be used freshly ground in a number of seafood, meat or vegetable dishes.  It is also a wonderful addition to deserts and baking.  For stomach upset, ginger tea is very soothing.



Dark Chocolate Shavings for Weight Loss – THE TRUTH

For all chocolate lovers out there – it is wonderful news that dark chocolate is good for overall health.  Filled to the brim with anti-oxidants, dark chocolate shavings over a warm drink, fruits, yoghurts or puddings are just what the doctor ordered.  Dr. Joey Shulman

I have a few special items that I am adding after watching Dr. Oz a few months back:

Here are some tips and tricks that he suggested,

  • If you are going to cheat on your weight loss diet you should do it around 1:00 p.m.  Increases the seratonin and burns the carbs.
  • If you are going to ear sugar you should eat it at 2:00 p.m. as it will give you an energy boost.
  • If you are going to eat bad fats, you should eat them around 10:00 a.m. – I am referring to things like bacon, omelettes with cheese and so on.  Your body can metabolize the fat more efficiently.
  • If you are going to drink alcohol you should have it at around 5:00 p.m. because your body will metabolize it by the time you go to bed.  As we all know alcohol is a stimulant and if you drink around bedtime it will keep you awake.  Unless you drink so much that you just plain pass out.  NOT GOOD.

This is brought to you by Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne – A very informative read!

Dear Friend,

If your weight loss goals is to lose fat as fast as humanly possible, it should be no surprise that you absolutely MUST learn to maximize the amount of time your body is actually burning fat.

After all, if your body is actively burning fat for 10 hours each day, you would get much faster results than if it were only burning fat for five.  BUT WHAT IF YOU COULD BURN FAT 24 HOURS A DAY …EVERY DAY?  Do you realize how much faster you’d progress?  How much more quickly the fact would melt away?  How much more rapidly you’d have the body you dream of?

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is this:
While you absolutely can burn fat 24 hours a day, you probably aren’t even close.
And that is why we are here.  You see, on the very page you are reading right here, right now, we are going to straight up show you the obstacles that are holding you back from turning your body into a 24 hour fat burning machine, and then we are going to turn around and GIVE YOU THE EXACT FORMULA TO FIX IT.

FatB urning Soup Recipes


Reason #1 –

Most weight loss programs simply look at calories.
“Eat less than you burn and you will have the body of your dreams in no time!”  “Rolls eyes”.  If only it were that simple!belly fat loss
The Truth is, if your fat loss program is not strategically addressing your internal hormonal environment with specific strategies the amount of fat you are able to burn will FAR be far from optimized and you pretty much have zero chance of actively burning fat for more than a few hours a day.

Let us say that again:  if your fat loss programs is not strategically and specifically addressing your hormonal environment, you pretty much have ZERO chance of actively burning fat for more than a few hours a day.

Why?  Because your hormones virtually control everything when it comes to fat burning.

Simply put, when you make it a point to take care of your hormones, they make it a point to take care of you..fat burning for days, hours on end.

Neglect them, on the other hand, and you can pretty much forget about burning at at all, yet alone around the clock.

So, how DO you keep your hormones happy and your body in a fat burning state at all times?  There are 3 ways, and we will be outright GIVING them to you.

Reason #2

You are not performing exercise that TRULY boosts your metabolism.


Did you know that certain types of exercise have been shown to dramatically increase metabolism?  And by dramatically I mean for up to 48 hours straight.

That said, the type of exercise that yields this kind of benefit is NOT the type of exercise you commonly see being performed for fat loss in gyms all around the world.  You see, if you are doing traditional slow go cardio or high repetition, light weight resistance training you are leaving each session with virtually no positive effect on your metabolism.

Sure, you will burn a few calories during the session, but even 45 minutes on a treadmill only cashes in at 500 calories or a whopping 1/7th pound of fat (and that is assuming that all 500 calories being burned are coming directly from stored fat, which they are NOT).

Multiply that by 3 sessions a week and you will have burned a little over a third of a single pound of fat, OH MY!!

At that rate,

it would take you FOUR MONTHS to lose 5 yes I said five pounds..and that is what you get in exchange for putting in your valuable time at the gym three days a week.  Not….Worth….It.

And above all that, traditional exercise provides virtually NO prolonged elevation in metabolism.  In fact, with slow-go-cardio, metabolism returns to baseline almost IMMEDIATELY following the exercise session.

You see, if you truly want the time you spend exercising to have a lasting effect on your metabolism (and your waistline) there is only ONE particular style of exercise that has been scientifically proven to do it..and that is the exact style of exercise we will be filling you in on the next section.

UNFORTUNATELY YOU WILL HAVE TO EMAIL ME AT to receive the four stategies YOU MUST Employ to Ensure You Never Go A Minute Without Burning Fat.  I will send this to you free of charge.  Just leave your name and your email address and I will send these out to you immediately!!

HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS PLANS – Be The picture of Health and Transform Yourself and Your Body into What you always dreamed!!

Weight Loss Plans

Weight Loss Plans

I have made a list on this page of the Weight Loss Plans that I have tried and found to be very very good.

You can try them too as a lot of them include exercise regimens to go along with your Weight Loss Program .

This is all laid out for you and is so very helpful.  Try one or two of them and send me an email and let me know what you think.  Here they are below:

  • FAT BURNING FURNACE  This particular program gives you ongoing support for free with diet and exercises
  • BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLE  This site and the one below are by Body Builder Tom Venuto.
  • HOLY GRAIL BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM   New Breakthrough In “Cyclical Dieting” and  “Nutrient Timing” Flips Your Metabolic and Hormonal Switches, allowing You to Burn Fat and Build Muscle, At the Same Time, Without Dangerous  Drugs… even if you do not have Fitness Model Genetics.
  • FAT LOSS SECRET!!  Very interesting and informative site.  If you are squeamish do not look at this site!! 

If you want the facts and are into homeopathy then this site is for YOU!

Here is a little quote:


I know you can reach your weight loss goals .  It takes determination, restraint, willingness to be open to new things and new foods, exercising every day and most of all BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF.  If you go on a diet DO NOT CHEAT!!  You are only cheating yourself.telechargement