Hair Loss treatment for men

Hair Loss treatment for men

Hair loss was a cause of worry for 40 and 50 year old men but now it is a very common problem for both men and women even in their teenage and 20s. Hair loss has been a grave problem for men for ages. Let’s look at the causes and solutions of hair loss in the androgenic species.


Soap buff :herbal shampoo

Stop using soap for everything, folks! It’s shocking how low men stop to save money, throwing the fate of their hair in the drain in the process. Soap consists of sodium salt of a fatty acid as the main constituent, which, on reaction with water, produces a whole clan of hair-attacking agents (read: hydroxides). Do you have any idea that the application of a hydroxide compound to your hair will cause an eternity of damage to it?


Either opt for an herbal shampoo, or even better, curb your soap addiction.

It’s a thing of age:

Ageing causes the body to secrete less amount of the male hormone testosterone, which results in less of activity around your scalp part.


Get your scalp treated by a dermatologist or a trichologist and ask to inject some steroid injections.

Or is it genetics?

If it is thing of genes, as in family problem, then it can only have one solution, and that would be to go under the knife (read: hair transplant).

Eating habits :

A workaholic bachelor probably lives the hard life, depending heavily on junk food fro his everyday life. Not exactly a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth, remember?

Solution:Eating habits

Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, fenugreek leaves (rich in vitamin E), green non-leafy vegetables (bitter gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd, lady’s finger etc.), protein-rich foods like whole wheat germ, whole wheat bread, brown rice, sprouts, lentils, legumes and all. You get the idea.

Bloody smoker :

Tobacco was never good- either for your lungs, or your hair.


Stop smoking! Ever heard of an electronic cigarette?electronic cigarette

Bloody drinker :

The hydroxyl ion-containing drinks have adverse effects on the follicles for the long term.


Better stop now, lest you lose your sole reason for existence.

Coffee-addicts, beware!

Caffeine intake can, surprisingly, meddle with your hair (not to mention all the bone problems that come along, like osteo stuff).green tea


Switch to green tea. It not only contains 75 percent less caffeine, but also it contains anti-oxidants that stimulate hair growth while preventing hair loss at the same time.

Cosmetics buff :

While we have the soap buffs on one hand, there is also another bunch of addicts who simply cannot resist using cosmetic products, be it for the attractive packages that they come with, or their western appeal, or their smell. Their wonderful, synthetic, soapy smell.


Switch to organic products, bros. Ask your mom what she used to do with her hair, or better hunt for some “Thali podi” or “Shikakai powder” in the market today.telechargement