Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair for you | best tips to get a beautiful hair

Despite the attention that you wear it, your mane is frown? Stop you gray hair! Anne-Claire Meret *, naturopath, gave us his advice to treat the inside. Diet, lifestyle, good practices … discover his tips to the beautiful hair .

How to have beautiful hair : Advice from a naturopath

beautiful hair
A hair seen through a scanning electron microscope in reflection.

Hair identity 

* The hair composition : contains water, keratin, melanin, fatty acids, vitamins, and trace amounts of zinc and iron.
* Structure : There is formed a bulb, a root and a stem.

I) For beautiful hair, a good diet is necessary …

“Food is the fuel of our bodies,” says Anne-Claire Meret. And, although the hair shaft is made up of a cluster of dead cells rich in keratin (see picture above), but the bulb and roots are alive. That is why we must give them the right nutrients if one wishes to have beautiful hair. And beware of what you ingest, both in terms of the choice of food thantheir quality.
As well, better focus the food “non-transformed, vital, bio, reasoned, local and adapted,” says the naturopath.

Nutrients to focus for beautiful hair growth 

Beautiful hair for you
Nutrients to focus for beautiful hair growth

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Vitamin A : It ensures the regeneration of tissues. Attention, for it to be absorbed in an optimal way by the body, it must also consume the fat in the diet.
Where to Find it: in the carrot.

Vitamin C : it protects the follicles. We often miss due to the oxidative stress (pollution, tobacco…).
Where to Find it: in most of the fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Vitamin B : they are essential to the structure and the growth of the hair.
Where to find them: in the banana.

The Healthy Proteins : they promote the synthesis of keratin. Where to find: each day in eggs and the plant proteins (legumes, soybean, almonds…), 2 to 3 times per week in the small fatty fish, and from time to time in the white meat.

The Good fats : fatty acids are a component of the hair.
Where to find them: in vegetable oils (flax, canola, olive, coconut) type first cold pressure. “not to distort, it is preserved in the refrigerator, advises the naturopath. With the exception of the coconut oil, it also avoids the heat”

The iron: it plays a fundamental role in the process of growth of hair
where the Find: in cocoa, quinoa, red beans, spirulina …

The algae are a very good asset for their nutritional content in vitamins A, B, C and in zinc (kelp, wakame, dulse, nori),

says Anne-Claire Meret.

In order to avoid

an excess of bad fats, sugars, proteins and cooking too intense of food can, in the reverse, affect the health of the hair.

coconut oil for hair
oils are very useful for beautiful hair

II)…but not sufficient

if adequate food is the condition of a beautiful hair, it is not enough, in itself, to ensure the good health of the Organization. “Only playing on the power supply, the results will not be significant, ensures the specialist. Howover, if we detoxifies the body, that it improves the quality of sleep and the general elimination of waste, the results can be visible in a few weeks. ”

Sleep, stress, poor circulation, pollution: the enemies of the hair

The good health of the beautiful hair depends on a multitude of factors. The lack of sleep, stress, the tobacco, a high exposure to pollution, a water very Limestone, a hormonal imbalance or intestinal malabsorption also play on its quality.

In addition, a good capillary circulation is necessary for him to make the vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts drawn from the power supply. Gold,” the micro-vessels in charge of the irrigation are extremely fragile, says Anne-Claire Meret. If they are compressed, the blood does more to roots as it should.”

The good evacuation of the sebum, loaded in saturated fat and waste of our cells, is also essential to the quality of the hair. Although it ensures its natural lubrication, conferring it shine and flexibility,” if it is poorly eliminated it is removal under the scalp and prevents the circulation of blood, specifies the naturopath, which can cause dandruff and itching”.

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Good practices

– Massaging the scalp daily to stimulate the sebaceous glands and promote circulation.
– Avoid heating devices.
– Leave the scalp breathe.
– Use a natural shampoo to avoid chemicals that can suffocate the scalp.
– Make home repairers masks to get a beautiful hair : apply one or more vegetable oils of choice (wheat germ, sweet almond, argan, coconut, castor …) and add a few drops of rosemary essential oils to stimulate growth. Leave on for about thirty minutes at least. Proceed to shampoo.telechargement